Slang Words

Slang is highly dynamic and can vary regionally and culturally. While specific slang words may have gained or lost popularity, here are some general examples of slang terms that are popular with young people:

Lit (adj.) – used to describe something exciting, excellent, or cool.

Savage (adj.) – referring to someone who is bold, audacious, or unapologetic.

Flex (verb) – to show off or boast about something, often related to one’s achievements or possessions.

GOAT (noun) – an acronym for “Greatest of All Time,” used to describe someone or something that is considered the best.

Squad (collective noun) – a group of friends or companions.

FOMO (noun/acronym) – Fear of Missing Out, the anxiety that others are having rewarding experiences from which one is absent.

Yeet! (interjection) – an exclamation used to express excitement, approval, or victory.

Cap (exclamation) – to lie or exaggerate; “No cap!” means no lie!

Glow up (noun/verb) – a positive transformation, often referring to physical appearance or personal development.

Tea (noun) – gossip or the latest information.

Keep in mind that slang evolves rapidly, and existing terms undergo change and their meanings are extended and widened depending on context. Likewise, existing slang words may die and new ones are born with every generation. Additionally, the popularity of slang can vary widely among different communities and age groups. It’s always a good idea to stay tuned to current popular culture and social media to be aware of the latest slang trends. Videogames, reigning songs, popular cultures, foods, and technological advances are some factors that contribute to slang birth, change, and death.

In essence, it is important to stay woke in order to keep in touch 🙂

Please share any slang words that you have met.

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